The Florida Legislature Can Reduce Crime and Save Florida Taxpayers

$1 Billion

Extreme Prison Sentences In Florida: 2000-2020

(life sentences and non-life, non-death sentences of at least 40 years)

Source: Florida Department of Corrections

Florida taxpayers are being ripped off to pay for unnecessary incarceration.

Second Chances Are Nearly Impossible In Florida.

In Florida, each year for the past 20 years, an average of:

people were granted parole
prisoners received a commutation
sick and elderly people were granted Conditional Medical Release

Retroactive Drug Sentencing Reform Will Save Tens of Millions Annually and Reduce Redicivism.

Source: Office of Program Policy Analysis and Government Accountability, “Diverting Low-Risk Offenders From Florida Prisons.”
Report No. 19-01 Date: January 2019.

"Second Look" Legislation could save Millions annually.

1 out of 4 prisoners in Florida is elderly

Source: Florida Department of Corrections

Release of elderly prisoners who pose no threat to public safety could save hundreds of millions annually.

Source: Florida TaxWatch, “Florida’s Aging Prisoner Problem.” September 2014.

47 States allow some prisoners an opportunity to earn early release by completing recidivism-reducing programming

Allowing incarcerated people to earn early release will save at least $850 million.

Source: Bill Analysis and Fiscal Statement for SB 642 (2020).

Release of low-risk chronically ill prisoners could save millions annually.

Source: Project on Accountable Justice, “Florida’s Aging Inmate Population.” March 2015.

Unnecessary incarceration wastes money that could be invested in

Strengthening Local Law Enforcement

Improving Education

Protecting THe Environment

Better Health Care

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